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Kelowna Doula

Kristi McCarty

As a Kelowna Doula, I have been supporting families in Kelowna, Penticton, and Vernon for 8 years and have attended over 80 births.  As a doula, I am passionate about walking alongside families as they navigate the complexities of planning and preparing for labor in order to have a positive and empowering birth experience.


Along with my experience as a doula in Kelowna, I also have four children and understand the fears, anticipation and excitement of labor, birth and the early postpartum period.


If you are interested in talking more, please contact me for a free consultation.



Pregnancy is a time of preparation and excitement. I can assist you in gathering information as you plan for the birth you envision, as well as help to brainstorm ideas for comfort measures that appeal to you.



From a calm presence to more hands on comfort techniques, I will be by your side to offer support as you need it, to help you have a birth experience that leaves you feeling empowered and nurtured.



I offer 2-3 follow up visits in the early days after your family has grown. I will be available to help with breastfeeding support, and to provide information for various resources in our community.

Birth Doula Support for Families \ Kelowna, BC


Why Use a Birth Doula?

A doula:


• can offer information to help plan for the birth of your baby
• is on call for you 24/7 from 37 weeks, until your baby arrives
• offers continuous emotional and physical support during your labor
• has an extensive knowledge of different comfort techniques
• acts as a support for your support (partner, parents, friends, etc.)
• is available to help with breastfeeding in the early days
• can provide information about different services and support offered in the community

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"Kristi holds a special place in our memories of our son’s birth; she is a calming, genuine, and grounded person who we highly recommend to anyone searching for a labor and birth coach. Kristi made an uncomfortable and scary experience feel so much more manageable and helped to create a happy, special, and memorable experience for me and my husband."

- Sarah L
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