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We were fortunate to have Kristi as our doula for our second baby and cannot rave enough about the incredible care and support she provided to our family. Finding ourselves unexpectedly without a doula two weeks prior to our due date, Kristi took the time to immediately meet with us and learn of our family’s birth needs and desires; she made it a priority to learn about my fears surrounding labor and delivery and what techniques I find most calming in times of stress and discomfort.

The ease with which we were able to chat with Kristi, and our 2-year-old daughter’s immediate fondness of her, let us know we had found the perfect support person for our son’s birth.A week and a half after meeting Kristi I went into labor. We contacted Kristi late that night and she immediately responded to our texts and met us at our home as soon as we requested her support. The minute she arrived she did everything in her power to lesson my discomfort; I will forever be grateful for her hip squeezes, gentle touch, and calming reminders to breathe and relax my jaw.


All through labor and delivery Kristi assisted myself and my husband in whatever manner we needed and she always knew just the right thing to say/do. Kristi’s amazing support even continued in the days, weeks, and months following the birth of our son. She has assisted us with our questions/concerns about newborns, breastfeeding, and community resources.


Kristi holds a special place in our memories of our son’s birth; she is a calming, genuine, and grounded person who we highly recommend to anyone searching for a labor and birth coach. Kristi made an uncomfortable and scary experience feel so much more manageable and helped to create a happy, special, and memorable experience for me and my husband. I attribute the positive birth experience of my second babe to our wonderful doula, Kristi, and would happily endure labor and delivery a third time round so long as Kristi was by my side!

- Sarah L

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